Meet Our Family


Celebrating 52 Years of Service and Commitment to Our Customers and the RV Recreational Industry.

Guy DiAndriole founded the company with his wife Joan in 1966.  Joan served in various roles in the Corporation for over 37 years.
Faith Hales daughter Co-Owner joined the family business in 1994.
Sales, Purchasing Coordinator.
Francine Ogonosky daughter Co-Owner, joined the family business in 2002
F & I and RV Insurance Agent.
Maria Torre daughter Co-Owner,joined the family business in 2011
Sales, Warranty Coordinator/Marketing.
Christine Hales granddaughter, joined the family business in 2001 and is now the company's Parts Manager/Web Adminstrator. 
Dennis Wall Service Technician.  He has been with Wide World RV for over 26 years.

Anthony Schutz Service Technician.